Bar Ratings

"Highly Qualified" - Chicago Bar Association ("Judge Tailor is highly respected by his fellow judges and the lawyers who appear before him in court.  Judge Tailor is an experienced jurist highly regarded for his knowledge of the law, integrity, diligence, work ethic, and excellent demeanor and temperament.")  

"Well Qualified" (highest rating) - Chicago Council of Lawyers ("Judge Tailor is a highly respected jurist who is praised for his knowledge, his preparedness, and his temperament.  He has excelled in every judicial position to which he has been assigned. The Council finds him well qualified for the Appellate Court.")

"Highly Qualified" - Illinois State Bar Association

("Lawyers appearing before him describe him as having

superior legal knowledge, being always prepared, and

excellent with complex cases. He has a calm demeanor

and is always on time.")

"Highly Recommended" - Decalogue Society of Lawyers

"Highly Qualified/Highly Recommended" - Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois

"Highly Recommended for the Appellate Court" - Puerto Rican

Bar Association


"Recommended" (highest rating) - Women's Bar Association

"Recommended" (highest rating) - Asian American Bar Association


"Recommended" (highest rating) - Hellenic Bar Association


"Recommended" (highest rating) - Arab American

Bar Association


When he was appointed Associate Judge in 2003, every bar association found him recommended or qualified.  When the Chicago Bar Association found him qualified for re-appointment in 2007, they wrote:  “Judge Tailor is well respected by his peers and by the lawyers who appear before him.  Judge Tailor is bright, perceptive, and hard working.”